Industrial 4.0 Solutions - for industrial tightening technology from Bosch Rexroth

Industrial 4.0 Solutions - for industrial tightening technology from Bosch Rexroth


In the field of industrial tightening technology, we provide networking and hardware and software solutions. Those solutions are marketable, available and customers are using them successfully. For example: Rexroth Nexo wireless tightening machine for the network environment, just use its integrated controller (no additional control hardware), and the upper system for wireless communications. The process quality management software developed by Bosch Software Innovation Center can detect problems in the production process and inform the production manager and provide data analysis. In this way, your technical experts can take timely measures to eliminate the production process of the deviation, to prevent the production line and the production of defective parts and other issues. Process quality management software will help you take an important step towards zero defect production goals!


Your process data can be stored not only in local production equipment, but also in the Bosch Internet of Things. Bosch Internet can collect, save and analyze your data to make it available on a global basis. Bosch Internet is a technology base for Internet of Things applications and integrates all the necessary features to bring devices, users, companies and partners together. Is intended to provide innovative, efficient development and future-proof solutions for the online world.


In addition, through the network tools can also improve the efficiency and quality of production. For example, using the "location tracking" function, you can determine the exact location of the Nexo wireless tightening machine in the shop. Based on the determined location and the placement of the known part to be tightened, the relevant tightening procedure can be automatically selected and run, The results are exactly matched to the corresponding bolts.

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