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Vickers Variable Displacement Piston Pumps PVM series
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Eaton Vickers has strengthened the versatility of its PVM open circuit piston pumps:

• Nominal pressure rating upgraded from 280 to 315 bar for standard displacements

• New "Power Control" option providing hydro mechanical torque limiter included

• Low shaft speed operation performance data available for variable speed applications

Eaton’s PVM series axial piston pumps have always been ideally suited for industrial applications. Renowned for their best in class noise levels*, the various shafts*, ports*, mounting and through drive options* with high torque capability, help PVM pumps offer high levels of flexibility, to cater to the diverse system design needs for demanding applications. The robust three piece design with additional design considerations like High load bearings contribute to the high reliability and long life of the pump. Atex certified and alternate fluid compatible*, PVM pumps continue to ensure safe operation for safety critical applications at various installations worldwide.


Vickers PVM Series pumps are open circuit, axial piston designs. A variety of control options allows the pumps to perform most efficiently in a specific application. Efficiency of the pump controls allows down-sizing of system cooling needs, saving up front cost in the machine. Alternatively, cooling capacity could be kept the same and the flow capability of the system increased, thus improving performance and customer satisfaction.

The PVM Series also contains a strong proven rotating group allowing the pumps to handle pressures to 315 bar (4568 psi) continuous with less maintenance cost. High-load bearings and a stiff drive shaft help provide a pump life of 8000 hours at rated industrial conditions, reducing operating costs and extending operating life.

M Series pumps feature a saddle-type yoke with steel-backed polymer bearings. The stiff yoke reduces deflection and allows even loading of bearings, improving life. A single control piston reduces loading on the yoke, resulting in reduced pump size which allows installation in tighter locations.

PVM Series pumps operate at a level of quietness that exceeds the requirements of today’s demanding work conditions. The pumps feature a unique threepiece envelope (flange, housing and valve block) specifically created for low fluid-borne and structure-borne noise levels. Another pump feature – a bimetal timing plate – improves pump filling characteristics which, in turn, reduce fluid-borne noise and extend pump life.

PVM Series pumps reduce, or in some cases remove, the need for damping barriers between the noise source and the operator. This saves money on the installed cost of the system while improving customer comfort.

An adjustable maximum stop provides a means of tuning flow to your system, while gauge ports allow monitoring of inlet and outlet conditions. These standard features reduce system complexity and cost.

Mounting flanges are offered in SAE and ISO configurations, and ports are offered in SAE, ISO, and BSPP in both tube and flange versions. This provides a wide variety of installation opportunities for global machine design.

Side- or end-ported models are available to facilitate plumbing and help fit the pump to your machine space needs. Multiple drain ports allow many mounting orientations, reducing installed costs.

PVM Series pumps are capable of operating with many types of hydraulic fluids used in industrial systems. High-water-content and phosphate ester fluids can be accommodated, in addition to the typical petroleum based and synthetic fluids. 

Now you can extend the advantages of using Vickers PVM pumps for newer applications in areas such as but not restricted to:
• Discrete Manufacturing – Press, Machine Tool, Test and Simulation
• Processing – Primary Metal, Food Processing, Wood Processing, etc.
• Oil/Gas/Marine
• Alternate Energy- Wind turbines
• General Industrial – Hydraulics Power Unit 


Typical Applications

• Mining machinery

• Injection molding machines

• Metal forming machines

• Oil and Gas Equipment

• Conveyor lines

• Primary metals

• Metal cutting equipment 

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