Parker Proportional Valve
Parker Proportional Valve D1FP/D3FP
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Parker Direct Operated Proportional DC Valve Series D*FP

Product Overview


The direct operated control valves D1FP and D3FP  show extremely high dynamics combined with maximum flow. It is the preferred choice for highest accuracy in positioning of hydraulic axis and controlling of pressure and velocity. 

Driven by the patented VCD® actuator, the D1FP / D3FP reach the frequency response of real servo valves. At power-down the spool moves in a defined position. All common input signals are available.

Version with Ether CAT interface
The D1FP / D3FP with Ether CAT interface fulfills  the requirements of modern communication between valve and main control. Due to high data transmission speed and short cycle times, the high dynamics of the DFplus valves can be also utilized within the fieldbus system. 

Version with freely configurable supervising control circuit
DFplus valves D1FP*D and D3FP*D with freely configurable superior control circuit allow the high dynamic control without an additional controller. Via the integrated electronics and an analogue sensor, the valves assume either the precise pressure or position control.

• Industrial
• Machine tools
• Molding
• Marine (non military)

• Real servo valve dynamics (-3 dB / 350 Hz at ±5 % input signal) - ideal for demanding applications, ensures optimized cycle times
• Very good repeatability - improved process and product accuracy
• Robust valve design - minimized failure
• Digital electronics - can be easily adapted to the application, resulting in flexible use
• Short delivery time - no storage necessary
• Defined spool positioning at power-down - optional P-A/B-T or P-B/A-T or center position (for overlapped spools)
• With Ether CAT interface upon request - high data speeds, short cycle times
• Optionally with freely configurable supervising control circuit (D1FP*D, D3FP*D)

• General presses
• Machine tool
• Blow molding
• Marine Diesel fuel injection/exhaust valve control

Additional information EtherCAT version
The valve is actuated and monitored by the EtherCAT interface. Actual value (spool position), temperature, operating hours and different error messages are available as diagnostic signals. The valve parameters are factory set  and can be adapted with the Parker ProPxD software via the parametrizing interface. 

In addition to the fieldbus communication, the valves provide the range of functions of the standard version including analogue command signal and diagnostic spare stroke. Thus they can be operated independent of the fieldbus control, particularly during commissioning and maintenance.


Parker Direct Operated Proportional DC Valve Series D*FP

Technical Data

Design   Direct operated servo proportional DC valve
Actuation   VCD® actuator
Size   NG06 / CETOP03 / NFPA D03, NG10 / CETOP05 / NFPA D05
Mounting interface   DIN 24340 / ISO 4401 / CETOP RP121 / NFPA
Mounting position   unrestricted
Ambient temperature [°C] -20...+50
MTTF value 1) [years] 150
Weight [kg] 5.0 (D1FP), 6.5 (D3FP)
Vibration resistance [g] 10 Sinus 5...2000 Hz acc. IEC 68-2-6
30 Random noise 20...2000 Hz acc. IEC 68-2-36
15 Shock acc. IEC 68-2-27
Max. operating pressure [bar] Ports P, A, B 350, port T 35 for internal drain, 350 (D1FP), 250 (D3FP) for external drain,
port Y 35 2)
Fluid   Hydraulic oil according to DIN 51524 ... 535, other on request
Fluid temperature [°C] -20...+60 (NBR: -25...+60)
Viscosity permitted [cSt]/mm2/s] 20...400
recommended [cSt]/mm2/s] 30...80
Filtration   ISO 4406 (1999); 18/16/13
Nominal flow [l/min] 3 / 6 / 12 / 16 / 25 / 40 (D1FP), 50 / 100 (D3FP)
at p=35 bar per control edge 3)
Flow maximum [l/min] 90 at p=350 bar over two control edges (D1FP), 150 (D3FP)
Leakage at 100 bar [ml/min] <400 (zerolap spool); <50 (D1FP overlap spool); <100 (D3FP overlap spool)
Opening point [%] set to 23 (D1FP), 19 (D3FP) commande signal (see flow characteristics)
Static / Dynamic
Step response at 100 % step 4) [ms] <3.5 (D1FP), <6 (D3FP)
Frequency response [Hz] 350 amplitude ratio -3 dB, 350 phase lag -90° (D1FP), 200 amplitude ratio -3 dB,
(±5 % signal) 4) 200 phase lag -90° (D3FP)
Hysteresis [%] <0.05
Sensitivity [%] <0.03
Temperature drift [%/K] <0.025
Electrical characteristics
Duty ratio [%] 100
Protection class   IP65 in accordance with EN 60529 (with correctly mounted plug-in connector)
Supply voltage/ripple [V] DC 22 ... 30, electric shut-off at < 19, ripple < 5 % eff., surge free
Current consumption max. [A] 3.5
Pre-fusing [A] 4.0 medium lag
Input signal    
Code B, (K) Voltage [V] 10...0...-10, ripple <0.01 % eff., surge free, 0...+10 V P->A (P->B)
Impedance [kOhm] 100
Code E Current [mA] 20...0...-20, ripple <0.01 % eff., surge free, 0...+20 mA P->A
Impedance [Ohm] <250
Code S Current [mA] 4...12...20, ripple <0.01 % eff., surge free, 12...20 mA P->A
Impedance [Ohm] <3.6 mA = disable, >3.8 mA = according to NAMUR NE43
Differential input max. [V] 30 for terminal D and E against PE (terminal G)
Code 0 [V] 30 for terminal 4 and 5 against PE (terminal )
Code 5 [V] 30 for terminal D and E against PE (terminal G)
Code 7    
Enable signal (only code 5/7) [V] 5...30, Ri = > 8 kOhm
Diagnostic signal [V] +10...0...-10 / +12.5 error detection, rated max. 5 mA
EMC   EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
Electrical connection Code 0/7 6 + PE acc. EN 175201-804
Code 5 11 + PE acc. EN 175201-804
Wiring min. Code 0/7 [mm²] 7x1.0 (AWG 16) overall braid shield
Code 5 [mm²] 8x1.0 (AWG 16) overall braid shield
Wiring length max. [m] 50


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