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Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Motor A6VM
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Data Sheet of Rexroth A6VM Series 63
Data Sheet of Rexroth A6VM Series 65
Data Sheet of Rexroth A6VM Series 71
REXROTH Type Code of A6VM Series

Project planning notes

- The motor A6VE is designed to be used in open and closed circuits.

- The project planning, installation and commissioning of the axial piston unit requires the involvement of qualified skilled personnel.

- Before using the axial piston unit, please read the corresponding instruction manual completely and thoroughly. If necessary, these can be requested from Bosch Rexroth.

- Before finalizing your design, please request a binding installation drawing.

- The specified data and notes contained herein must be observed.

- For safety reasons, controls with beginning of control at Vg min (e.g. HA) are not permissible for winch drives, e.g. anchor winches.

- Depending on the operating conditions of the axial piston unit (working pressure, fluid temperature), the characteristic curve may shift.

- Preservation: Our axial piston units are supplied as standard with preservative protection for a maximum of 12 months. If longer preservative protection is required (maximum 24 months), please specify this in plain text when placing your order. The preservation periods apply under optimal storage conditions, details of which can be found in the data sheet 90312 or the instruction manual.

- Not all versions of the product are approved for use in a safety function according to ISO 13849. Please consult the responsible contact person at Bosch Rexroth if you require reliability parameters (e.g. MTTFd) for functional safety.

- Depending on the type of control used, electromagnetic effects can be produced when using solenoids. When a direct current is applied, solenoids do not cause electromagnetic interference nor is their operation impaired by electromagnetic interference. Other behavior can result when a modulated direct current (e.g. PWM signal) is applied. Potential electromagnetic interference for persons (e.g. persons with a pacemaker) and other components must be tested by the machine manufacturer.

- Please note the details regarding the tightening torques of port threads and other threaded joints in the instruction manual.

- Working ports:

  -- The ports and fastening threads are designed for the specified maximum pressure. The machine or system manufacturer must ensure that the connecting elements and lines correspond to the specified application conditions (pressure, flow, hydraulic fluid, temperature) with the necessary safety factors.

  -- The working ports and function ports are only intended to accommodate hydraulic lines.

Axial piston variable motor A6VM series 6X Technical data

1) Maximum permissible inlet flow qV nom to be noted
2) In operation with a counterbalance valve BVD/BVE restricted values to be noted


Axial piston variable motor A6VM series 6X Features
- Robust motor with long service life
- Approved for very high speeds
- Wide control range (can be swiveled to zero)
- High torque
- Large variety of controls
- Optional with attached flushing and boost-pressure valve
- Optional with integrated or attached counterbalance valve
- Bent-axis design
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