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Data Sheet of 4WS2EM 6 Series

Data Sheet of 4WS2EM 10 Series

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Product description

Heash provide Rexroth Servo Valve 4WS2EM/4WSE2EM, new and original. if you interested in any type of 4WS(E)2EM, please feel free inquiry us.  4WS2EM 6, 4WS2EM 10, 4WS2EM 16, 4WSE2EM 6, 4WSE2EM 10, 4WSE2EM 16....

Valves of type 4WS2EM are electrically operated, 2-stage directional servo valves. They are mainly used to control position, force, pressure or velocity.

These valves are made of an electro-mechanical converter (torque motor) (1), a hydraulic amplifier (principle: nozzle flapper plate) (2) and a control spool (3) in a sleeve (2nd stage) which is connected with the torque motor via a mechanical feedback.

An electrical input signal at the coils (4) of the torque motor generates a force by means of a permanent magnet which acts on the armature (5), and in connection with a torque tube (6) results in a torque. This causes the flapper plate (7) which is connected to the torque tube (6) via a bolt to move from the central position between the two control nozzles (8), and a pressure differential is created across the front sides of the control spool (3). The pressure differential results in the control spool changing its position, which results in the pressure port being connected to one actuator port and, simultaneously, the other actuator port being connected to the return flow port. The control spool is connected to the flapper plate or the torque motor by means of a bending spring (mechanical feedback) (9). The position of the control spool is changed until the feedback torque across the bending spring and the electro-magnetic torque of the torque motor are balanced and the pressure differential at the nozzle flapper plate system becomes zero. The stroke of the control spool and consequently the flow of the servo valve are controlled proportional to the electrical input signal. It must be noted that the flow depends on the valve pressure drop.

External control electronics (separate order)

External control electronics (servo amplifier) serve the actuation of the valve, amplifying an analog input signal (command value) so that with the output signal, the servo valve is actuated in a flow-controlled form.

Type 4WS2EM 10...


Technical data

For applications outside these parameters, please consult us!









Porting pattern


ISO 4401-05-05-0-05



Any - if it is ensured that during start-up of the system, the valve is supplied with sufficient pressure (≥10 bar)!

Surface protection

Valve body, cover, filter screw






Storage temperature range


-20 … +80




Ambient temperature range


-30 … +80



Directional servo valve for intended use in potentially explosive areas of zone 2 and 22

Valve to control position, force, pressure or velocity

2-stage servo valve with mechanical feedback

1st stage nozzle/flapper plate amplifier

For subplate mounting: Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-05-05-0-05 with ports X and Y; subplates available in FE/ZN version

Dry control motor, no contamination of the solenoid gaps by the hydraulic fluid

Can also be used as 3-way version

Wear-free control spool return element

External control electronics in Euro-card format or in modular design (separate order)

Valve is adjusted and tested

Internal or external pilot oil supply and pilot oil return available

Control spool with flow force compensation

Control sleeve centrically fixed, thus low susceptibility to temperature and pressure

Pressure chambers at the control sleeve with gap seal, no wear of seal ring

Filter for 1st stage freely accessible from the outside


R900772317 4WS2EM10-5X/60B11T315K31CV-114
R901016900 4WS2EM10-5X/60B0T315K31CV-112
R900939884 4WS2EM10-45/75B3T315K8CV-94
R901316772 4WS2EM10-4X=75B3T315K8CV-94
R900733233 4WS2EM10-5X/60B0T210K31CV-112
R901113388 4WS2EM10-5X/30B11ET315K8DV
R900909219 4WS2EM10-5X/75B11ET315K31EV
R901039313 4WS2EM10-5X/60B11T315K31CV
R900731499 4WS2EM10-5X/10B11ET315K31DV
R900750594 4WS2EM10-51/10B11ET315K8DV
R900936559 4WS2EM10-4X/75B2ET315K8EV
R900940047 4WS2EM16-2X/150B12T315K8CV-114
R901095313 4WS2EM10-5X/20B11T315K31EV
R901006867 4WS2EM105X/45B11ET210K8AV
R900421035 4WS2EM10-4X/75B2ET315K8DM
R900385127 4WS2EM10-4X/60B2ET315K8DM
R900944630 4WS2EM16-2X/200B12T315K8CV-114
R901007772 4WS2EM6-21/20B11XNET315K17EV-100
R901007768 4WS2EM6-2X/20B11XNET315K17EV-102
R901009654 4WS2EM6-2X/5B11XNET315K17EV-102
R901217098 4WS2EM6-2X/5B11ET315K17EV-116
R900733235 4WS2EM10-5X/90B0T210K31CV-112
R900384103 4WS2EM10-4X/60B2ET315Z8DM
R900711077 4WS2EM10-5X/90B11T315K31CV-114


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