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Data Sheet of Rexroth PV7 A

Data Sheet of Rexroth PV7 C D N W



Product description

Hydraulic pumps of type PV7...A are direct operated vane pumps with adjustable displacement.

They basically comprise of housing (1), cover (2), rotor (3), vanes (4), stator ring (5), compression spring (6), set screw (7) and control plate (8).

For limitation of the maximum flow, the pump is equipped with a set screw (9).

The driven rotor (3) rotates within the stator ring (5). The centrifugal force presses the vanes (4) guided in the rotor (3) against the internal sliding surfaces of the stator ring (5).


Suction and displacement procedure

The cells (10) necessary to transport the hydraulic fluid are formed by the vanes (4), the rotor (3), the stator (5), the control plate (8) and the cover (2).

The cell volume increases by the rotation of the rotor (3) and via the suction channel (S), the cells (10) are filled with hydraulic fluid. When the largest cell volume is achieved, the cells (10) are separated from the suction side.

If the rotor (3) is rotated further, connection to the pressure side is established, the cells narrow and displace the hydraulic fluid via the pressure channel (P) into the system.


Pressure control

The stator ring (5) is held in the eccentric initial position by the spring (6). The maximum operating pressure required in the system is set at the set screw (7) using the spring (6).

The pressure building up by the load resistance acts at the pressure side on the inner sliding surface of the stator ring (5), against the force of the spring (6).

If the pressure corresponding to the set spring force has been reached, the stator ring (5) is pushed out of its eccentricity in zero position direction. The flow settles at the set value which is just removed. If the peak pressure set at the spring (6) is reached, the pump controls the flow to almost zero. The operating pressure is maintained and only the leakage is replaced. In this way, the power loss and heating of the hydraulic fluid are kept to a minimum.






Thanks to their specific design, PV7-type vane pumps with adjustable displacement boast low flow pulsation and achieve very high repetition accuracies with low pressure peaks during the down control. The noise optimization achieved by adjusting the height adjustment screw provides for a low operating noise. Hydrodynamically lubricated plain bearings ensure a long life cycle.


Variable vane pumps, direct controlled PV7...A

Technical data



Adjustable vane pumps, pilot operated PV7...C/D/N/W
Technical data

1) Due to production tolerances, the flow may exceed the specified values by approx. 6% (measured at n = 1450 min-1; p = 10 bar; v = 41 mm2/s

2) With operating pressure output = pmax

3) The minimum adjustable pressure lies at approx. 20 bar, in the plant, 30 bar are set by default

4) With pressure controller

5) With one rotation of the set screw and n = 1450 min-1



Adjustable vane pumps, pilot operated PV7...C/D/N/W


- Variable displacement

- Low operating noise

- Extended bearing life cycle due to hydrodynamically lubricated plain bearings

- Pressure and flow can be controlled

- Low hysteresis

- Very low control up times and down control times

- Mounting and connection dimensions according to VDMA 24560/1 and ISO 3019-2


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