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Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO
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Data Sheet of A10VSO Series 31

Data Sheet of A10VSO Series 32

REXROTH Type Code of A10VSO Series


Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO Description

Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO Series 31

- All-purpose medium pressure pump
- Sizes 18 to 140, like as A10VSO 71 DG/31R, A10VSO 140 DFLR/31R, A10VSO 45 DRG/31R, A10VSO 100 DFR/31R so on.
- Nominal pressure 280 bar
- Maximum pressure 350 bar
- Open circuit


Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A10VSO Series 32

- Sizes 45 to 180, like as A10VSO 71 DR/32R, A10VSO 45 ED71/32R, A10VSO 100 DRG/32R, A10VSO 140 DRS/32R, A10VSO 180 DRF/32R so on.
- Nominal pressure 280 bar
- Maximum pressure 350 bar
- For industrial application areas
- Open circuit


Rexroth A10VSO is a swash plate type piston pump, the pressure is generally below 210bar, mainly used in machine tools and plastic processing machinery and other fields. The flow is proportional to the drive speed and displacement of the pump. It contains a port for pressure transducers in the pump outlet and is highly resistant to sudden drops and spikes in pressure, contributing to maximum efficiency.


The Rexroth A10VSO piston pump works by utilizing the volume change produced by reciprocating the piston in the plunger bore parallel to the drive shaft. Because the plunger and the plunger hole are all circular parts, high accuracy can be achieved during processing. Therefore, the volumetric efficiency is high, the operation is smooth, the flow uniformity is good, the noise is low, the working pressure is high, but the hydraulic oil is contaminated. More sensitive, more complex structure, higher cost. Generally used in industrial applications, Rexroth A10VSO pump has a low-noise design and features a Universal through-drive with coverplate.


The variable pump is one of the key components in the hydraulic system, it can realize the linkage control of system pressure and flow. and Rexroth pump A10VSO, like as A10VSO45, A10VSO71, A10VSO100, A10VSO140, can eliminate the overflow loss of the system, but it can not completely eliminate the throttling loss of the system, because the throttling loss of the system is related to the pressure loss at the throttle valve opening. otherwise, improper variable pressure setting of constant pressure variable pump will increase system energy consumption. The pressure flow is usually in line with the energy-saving effect of the control variable pump, better than the constant pressure variable pump. it is the same to Rexroth A10VSO pump. Of course, according to different working conditions, targeted individualized solutions will have more positive significance in reducing the power consumption of the system.


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Rexroth A10VSO 31 Series Technical Data
Rexroth A10VSO 32 Series Technical Data


Rexroth A10VSO Series 31 Features

- Through drive for mounting of further pumps up to same nominal size

- Low noise

- Long service life

- Short control response times

- Excellent suction characteristics

- 2 drain ports

- Swashplate design


Rexroth A10VSO Series 32 Features

- Through drive for mounting of further pumps up to same nominal size

- Approved for high speeds

- Increased functional reliability

- Hydrostatically relieved swashplate bearing

- Large variety of controls

- Low noise

- Swashplate design

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