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Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pump A7VO
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Data Sheet of Rexroth A7VO size 28-160

Data Sheet of Rexroth A7VO size 250-500

REXROTH Type Code of A7VO Series
General instructions
– The pump A7VO was designed for operation in open loop circuits
– Systems design, installation and commissioning requires trained technicians or tradesmen.
– All hydraulic ports can only be used for the fastening of hydraulic service lines.
– During and shortly after operation of a pump the housing and especially a solenoid can be extremely hot, avoid being burned;
take suitable safety measures (wear protective clothing).
– Dependent on the operating conditions of the axial piston pump (operating pressure, fluid temperature) deviations in the performance
curves can occur.
– Pressure ports:
All materials and port threads are selected and designed in such a manner, that they can withstand the peak pressures.
The machine and system manufacturer must ensure, that all connecting elements and hydraulic lines are suitable for the actual
operating conditions (pressures, flow, fluid, temperature) in accordance with the necessary safety factors.
– All given data and information must be adhered to..
– The product has not been released as a component in the safety concept of a total machine system acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849.
– The following tightening torques are valid:
 - Female threads in the axial piston unit:
 the maximum permissible tightening torques MGMax are maximum values for the female threads in the pump casting and may not
 be exceeded. For values see table below. -
 - Fittings:
 please comply with the manufacturer‘s information regarding the max. permissible tightening torques for the used fittings.
 - Fastening bolts:
 for fastening bolts to DIN 13 we recommend to check the permissible tightening torques in each individual case to VDI 2230.
 - Plugs:
 for the metal plugs, supplied with the axial piston unit the following min. required tightening torques MV apply (see table)

Technical data

1) These values are valid at an absolute pressure of 1 bar in suction port S and for the optimum viscosity range νopt


- Robust pump with long service life

- Hyperbolic power controller

- Large variety of controls

- Well-tried rotary group technology

- High total efficiency

- Optional high-speed version for nominal size 250

- Optional with long-life bearings for the nominal sizes 250 to 500

- Bent-axis design

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