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Time: 2017-12-20
Thai trade products system, including oil refining equipment and accessories mining, heavy machinery, light industrial machinery and hydraulic parts and other industrial machinery and equipment pieces.
To Thai Trade will continue to expand product categories and enrich product lines based on the existing product structure to meet the professional needs of more customers at home and abroad.
Please call to understand MOOG series servo valve is a mechanical feedback pilot-level two-stage flow control servo valve.
This series of electro-hydraulic servo valve can be used as three-way and four-way flow control valve, with fast response, engage in pollution and other features.
Common types: G761-3001; G761-3002; G761-3003; G761-3004; G761-3005; J761-001; J761-002; J761-003; J761-004, etc. D634 series, D633 series, D635 series, 072 Series, G761 series.
Our company the United States Moog MOOG servo valve Moog D792 series servo valve Moog J761 series servo valve Moog J072 series servo valve Moog J869 series servo valve Moog G631 series servo valve Moog G761 series servo valve Moog D791 three servo Valve Moog D661 electric feedback servo Moog 72 series mechanical feedback servo Moog D633 / D634 direct acting servo valve Moog MOOGD660 servo proportional valve Moog MOOG valve Moog MOOG servo valve amplifier Moog MOOG servo motor Moog MOOG control Moog MOOG servo drive Moog MOOG electro-hydraulic servo valve Moog MOOG piston pump Moog MOOG radial piston pump 0514 / RKP series Moog MOOG piston pump RKPII series MOOG Moog MOOG Moog servo valve D633, D634 Series G761-3005, G761-3004, G761-3003, G761-3002, G761-3001, J761, J072, J869, G631 G761 Servo Valve D791 Servo Valve D661 Servo Feedback Servo 72 Series Servo Feedback Servo D633 / D634 Direct acting servo valve Power Stage Valve Model / Pilot Stage MOOG Function Code D661-4651 / C41156-421 G35JOAA6VSX2HA D661-4652 / C41156-421 G15JOAA6VSX2HA D661-4636 / C41156-421 G60KOAA5VSX2HA D661-4469C / C41156-421 G75KOAA6VSX2HA D661- 4697C / C41156-42
1 G15JOAA5VSX2HA D661-4033 / C41156-421 P80HAAF6VSX2-A D661-4059 / C41156-411P80HAAF6VSX2-BD661-4444C / C41156-421G60JOAA6VSX2HA D661-4443C / C41156-421 G45J0AA6VSX2HA D661-4506C / C41156-421 G23J0AA6VSX2HA D661-4539C / C41156-421 G35JOAA5VSX2HA MOOG Model / Pilot Type MOOG Function Code D662Z4311K / D630-072A P01JXMF6VSX2-A D662-4010 / D061-8411 D02HABF6VSX2-A D662Z4336K / D630-272D ??P01JXMF6VSX2-A MOOG Type / Pilot Type MOOG Function Code D663Z4307K / D630Z067A P02JONF6VSX2-A D663 -4007 / D061-8412 L03HABD6VSX2-A MOOG Model / Pilot MOOG Function Code D663Z4307K / D630Z067A P02JONF6VSX2-A D663-4007 / D061-8412 L03HABD6VSX2-A D634-341C R40K02M0NSS2 D634-319C R40KO2M0NSP2 D633-333B R16KO1F0NSS MOOG Model / Pilot Stage MOOG function code D791-5009 / D761-2612 S16J0QA6VSB0-P D791-4025 / S25J0PA6VSX2-A D791-4001 / pending S25J0QB6VSX2-B D791-4002 / D761-2617 S25J0QB5VSX2-B D791-4028 / D761-2619 S25J0QB6VSX2-B D791 -4046 / D761-2619 S25J0QA6VSX2-B MOOG Model MOOG Function Code 072-559A S15F0FA4VBL, 072-558A S22FOFA4VBL "New Model: 072-1203-10".
MOOG model MOOG function code G761-3001 H04JOFM4VPL G761-3002 / G761-3003 H19JOFM4VPL G761-3004 H38JOFM4VPL G761-3005 S63JOGM4VPL MOOG model MOOG function code J761-003 J761-004 MOOG model MOOG function code D765-1603-5 S38JOGMGUSXO D765-1089 -4 S63JOGAEVSXO Pilot / Power Stage Valve Type MOOG Function Code D630Z067A / D663Z4307K H20J0GAEVBL D630-072A / D662Z4311K S10JOGAEVBL D630-272D ??/ D662Z4336K S10JOGAEVBL D761-2617 / D791-4002 H19J0GAEVAL D761-2612 / D791-5009 H19J0GBEVAL D761-2619 / D791 -4028 H10J0GAEVAL Pilot / Power Stage Valve Type MOOG Function Code D061-8411 / D662-4010 J15HOBA4VB1 D061-8412 / D663-4007 J15HOBB4VB1 Moog D792 Series Servovalve
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