American Moog model
Time: 2017-11-07
US MOOG electro-hydraulic servo valve Moog electro-hydraulic servo valve MOOG servo valve Moog servo valve Moog MOOG three-stage servo valve MOOG direct acting servo valve D634-319C D634-399C D634-1003 D634-1005 D634-1007 D634-1008 D634-514A D634-557 D634-394C D634-1009 D634-1010 D634-1011 D634-1012 D634-1013 D634-1014 D634-1015 D634-1016 D634-1018 D634-1019 D634-1023 D634-1024 D634-1025 D634- 1026 D634-1027 D634-1028 D634-1029 D634-1031 D634-1032 D634-1033 D634-1034 D634-1035 D634-1036 D634-1037 D634-1040 D634-1041 D634-1042 D634-1043 D634-1045 D634-1046 D634 -1047 D634-1049 D634-1050 D634-1051 D634-1052 D634-1053 D634-1054 D634-1055 D634-1056 D634-1057 D634-1058 D634-1059 D634-1060 D634-3001 D634-301C D634-305C D634-307C D634-308C D634-317C D634-318C D634-322C D634-324C D634-326C D634-384C D634-327C D634-330C D634-331C D634-335C D634-341C D634-345C D634-346C D634-358C D634-361C D634- 362C D634-368C D634-371C D634-372C D634-373C D634-374C D634-381C D634-383C D633Z7397 D634-385C D634-386C D634-387C D634-388C D634-389C D634-390C D634-391C
D634-392C D633Z7383 D634-396C D634-397C D634-398C D634-400C D634-402C D634-403C D634-404C D634-405C D634-1001 D634-406 D634-501A D634-502A D634-503 D634-504 D634-508 D634 -511 D634-512A D634-513 D634-515 D634-516A D634-517 D634-518A D634-520A D634-521 D634-524A D634-525A D634-526 D634-527A D634-528A D634-529A D634-530A D634-531 D634-532 D634-533 D634-534 D634-536A D634-537A D634-538A D634-539 D634-540A D634-541 D634-542A D634-543A D634-544A D634-545 D634-546A D634-547 D634-548 D634- 550 D634-551 D634-552 D634-553A D634-554A D634-555 D634-558 D634-559 D634-560 D634K2000C D634K2001C D634K2002C D634K2003C D634K2004C D634K2005C D634K2006C D634K2007C D634K2008C D634K2009C D634K2010C D634K2011C D634K2012C D634K2013C D634K2014C D634K2015C D634K2016C D634K2017C D634K2018C D634K2019C D634K2020 D634Z1020 D634Z1021 D634Z1022 D634Z1038 D634Z1044 D634Z314C D634Z351C D634Z359CY D634Z360C D634Z360CY D634Z380C D634Z395C D634Z505A D634Z509 D634Z510 D634Z549A D633E703 D633E704 D633E713A D633E714A D633E736
5 D633E7366 D633E7411 D633K2000B D633K2001B D633K2002B D633K2003B D633K2005B D633K2006B D633K2007B D633K2008B D633K2009B D633K2010B D633K2011B D633K2012B D633K2013B D633K2014B D633K2015B D633K2017B D633K2018B D633K2019B D633K2020B D633K2021B D633K2022B D633K2023B D633K2024B D633K2025B D633K2026B D633K2027B D633K2028B D633K2029B D633K2030B D633K2031B D633K2032B D633K2033B D633K2034B D633K2035B D633K2036B D633K2037B D633K2038B D633K2039B D633K2040B D633K2041B D633K2042B D633K2043B D633K2044B D633K2045B D633K2046B D633K2047B D633K2048B D633K2049 D633K2050 D633K2051 D633Z303B D633Z305B D633Z313B D633Z317B D633Z338B D633Z348B D633Z371B D633Z379B D633Z480B D633Z506B D633Z528B D633Z529B D633Z532B D633Z539B D633Z557B D633Z570B D633Z585B D633Z586B D633Z587B D633Z588B D633Z589B D633Z590B D633Z7309 D633Z7324 D633Z7337 D633Z7352 D633Z7353 D633Z7361 B67728-001 B67728-002 B67728-003 A03665-060 US Moog servo valves Description: USA Moog servo valve MOOG Moog servo valve D633, D634 series, G761-3005, G761-3004,
G761-3003, G761-3002, G761-3001, J761, J072, J869, G631 G761 series servo valve D791 three servo valve D661 electric feedback servo 72 series mechanical feedback servo D633 / D634 direct acting servo valve power stage valve model / Pilot MOOG Function Code D661-4651 / C41156-421 G35JOAA6VSX2HA D661-4652 / C41156-421 G15JOAA6VSX2HA D661-4636 / C41156-421 G60KOAA5VSX2HA D661-4469C / C41156-421 G75KOAA6VSX2HA D661-4697C / C41156-421 G15JOAA5VSX2HA D661-4033 / C41156-421 P80HAAF6VSX2-A D661-4059 / C41156-411 P80HAAF6VSX2-B D661-4444C / C41156-421 G60JOAA6VSX2HA D661-4443C / C41156-421 G45J0AA6VSX2HA D661-4506C / C41156-421 G23J0AA6VSX2HA D661-4539C / C41156-421 G35JOAA5VSX2HA MOOG Model / Leading MOOG Function Code D662Z4311K / D630-072A P01JXMF6VSX2-A D662-4010 / D061-8411 D02HABF6VSX2-A D662Z4336K / D630-272D ??P01JXMF6VSX2-A MOOG Type / Pilot Level MOOG Function Code D663Z4307K / D630Z067A P02JONF6VSX2-A D663-4007 / D061-8412 L03HABD6VSX2-A MOOG Model / Pilot MOOG Function Code D663Z4307K / D630Z067A P02JONF6VSX2-A D663-4007 / D061-8412 L03HABD6VSX2-A D634-341C R40K02M0NSS2 D634
-319C R40KO2M0NSP2 D633-333B R16KO1F0NSS MOOG Type / Leading MOOG Function Code D791-5009 / D761-2612 S16J0QA6VSB0-P D791-4025 / S25J0PA6VSX2-A D791-4001 / To be checked S25J0QB6VSX2-B D791-4002 / D761-2617 S25J0QB5VSX2- B D79 1-4028 / D761-2619 S25J0QB6VSX2-B D791-4046 / D761-2619 S25J0QA6VSX2-B MOOG Model MOOG Function Code 072-559A S15F0FA4VBL, 072-558A S22FOFA4VBL "New Model: 072-1203-10".
MOOG model MOOG function code G761-3001 H04JOFM4VPL G761-3002 / G761-3003 H19JOFM4VPL G761-3004 H38JOFM4VPL G761-3005 S63JOGM4VPL MOOG model MOOG function code J761-003 J761-004 MOOG model MOOG function code D765-1603-5 S38JOGMGUSXO D765-1089 -4 S63JOGAEVSXO Pilot / Power Stage Valve Type MOOG Function Code D630Z067A / D663Z4307K H20J0GAEVBL D630-072A / D662Z4311K S10JOGAEVBL D630-272D ??/ D662Z4336K S10JOGAEVBL D761-2617 / D791-4002 H19J0GAEVAL D761-2612 / D791-5009 H19J0GBEVAL D761-2619 / D791 -4028 H10J0GAEVAL Pilot / Power Stage Valve Model MOOG Function Code D061-8411 / D662-4010 J15HOBA4VB1 D061-8412 / D663-4007 J15HOBB4VB Thank you for your attention to our products, if you would like further information, such as the United States Moog servo valve prices , The United States Moog servo valve specifications and other specifications, please feel free to contact us, are invited to provide you with the most satisfactory service! US MOOG Moog servo valve price Shenzhen, Guangdong MOOG servo valve price information.
Series: 3, Brand: MOOG, Model: D661-4598C / G45H0AA6VSX2HA, Application: Industrial control, Product alias: Servo valve, Material: Stainless steel, Suitable medium: Liquid, Suitable temperature: 80 (
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