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Time: 2017-11-17
A4VSO Open system oil pump A4VSG A4VSH A4VB Closed system oil pump Half open and close system Oil pump Closed system oil pump (420 bar) Displacement: 40 - 1000; Working pressure 350 bar Main advantages Shenzhen Sail Equipment Co., Well-known foreign brand-name hydraulic pump-oriented supplier.
Engaged in the hydraulic industry for many years, already has a professional sales force, first-class after-sales service staff, commitment to product quality assurance.
Our constant attention to market dynamics, to effectively understand the market demand, uphold the "high-end products, fair prices," the principle of the benefits, but also by virtue of the product has always been professional and cautious quality requirements, won the broad new and old customers the trust and praise.
Our company has always abide by the market rules, market-leading pace, and constantly improve the management of enterprises, over the years has successfully owned its own training course.
The company's governance and development trend in the domestic hydraulic pump industry reputation, enjoy a high reputation and reputation.
At present, the company has established a complete set of operation and management mode and comprehensive supporting measures and measures, and has established good cooperation and trade relations with many domestic and foreign suppliers, enabling our company to achieve rapid and steady development while at the same time achieving faster, better, Better to provide you with the most satisfactory service.
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