A4VSO and A10VSO difference
Time: 2017-12-22
The difference between A4VSO and A10VSO A4VSO, A10VSO belong to the swash plate piston pump.
Swash plate piston pumps can be divided into heavy duty hydraulic pumps (also known as heavy duty swash plate pumps) and light duty hydraulic pumps (also known as light swash plate pumps).
The former pressure can reach 210 ~ 400bar, mainly for walking vehicles and forging machinery.
The latter's pressure below 210bar, mainly for machine tools and plastic processing machinery.
A4VSO heavy duty swash plate pump, A10VSO light swash plate hydraulic pump.
The specific discussion can refer to Xu Sheng-wu predecessors compiled a "plunger pump" a book P200 ~ 211.
In addition, A4VSO expensive, long delivery time, A10VSO cheap, a lot of cash.
A4VSO high reliability, is Rexroth senior pump A4VSO high reliability, Rexroth senior pump with different media, the use of pressure is also different life expectancy.
Expensive Your reason to see how you use it - the user requires high reliability, while adequate funding should be preferred A4VSO.
The difference between the two pumps is the same as the Nokia N95 and 6300.
A4VSO and A10VSO media used is no different, is the same.
A4VSO Such as the use of fire-resistant hydraulic oil as a medium, the model should be written as EA4VSO.
Mainly to see the system conditions, the main factors affecting the working pressure, the pump control form, A4VSO series of control forms a lot more. A4VS series pumps are generally used in construction machinery, high performance requirements, A10VS generally used in ordinary hydraulic system , Lower than A4VS A4VS series and A10VS series is not the same in many ways, A10VS series is the pressure series, the general industrial pump, the pump tilt angle is small, the flow (weight) smaller than A4VS. A4VS is Crooked neck pump, inclined axis angle, flow (weight year on year). The pressure levels are not the same, the A10VS is 210 kg series, A4VS is 350 kg series. The noise level is not the same, A10VS noise to be smaller It can be seen from its structure), A4VS noise larger. From these comparisons can be seen, A4VS series of pumps used in vehicles is better, A10VS used in general industrial applications is better. Of course, this is my Of the superficial analysis, please do not laugh.A10VO series pumps are mainly used for open systems, the structure of the variable piston pump open, the control of constant pressure, constant pressure constant flow, constant pressure constant flow constant power, and the proportion of flow Control; and A4V and A4VG \ A1
0VG \ A11VG The variable displacement pump is a closed-type variable displacement piston pump that can bidirectional variable with a charge pump and low pressure relief valve. Both sides are equipped with high pressure safety valve and pressure cut-off valve. The control mode is two-point electromagnetic control (EZ) Proportional Electromagnetic Control (EP), Manual Servo Control (HW), Hydraulic Control Servo Control (HD), and Speed ??Controlled DA Control. The products are mainly used in hydraulic system of construction machinery such as road roller walking and vibration system, concrete mixing Transport car.
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