Chemical pump comparison table
Time: 2017-12-28
Chemical pump comparison table content Western Parker resistance Wuhan Huatong Nanchang Taiping discharge pump screw pump screw pump US Warren force pneumatic double diaphragm US Graco Pneumatic double diaphragm pump metering pump screw pump screw pump Passfelt mechanical diaphragm Metering pump, Passfind gear pump American Milton Luo hydraulic, mechanical diaphragm metering pump material Pump housing: GG25 (H2O2, Na2SiO3, DTPA, Na-soap, CaCl2, dithionite, flocculant, coagulation set, resin agent) 316 Rotor: 316Ti (H2O2, NaOH, Na2SiO3, DTPA, H2SO4, Na-soap, sodium hydrosulfite, collecting agent, foaming agent, flocculant , Mixing agent, Mixture, Resin agent, Na2SO3,) 1.4462 Chlorine resistant stainless steel (CaCl2) Rubber parts: EPDM rubber (Na2SiO3, DTPA, Na-soap, (Sodium hydrogen sulfite), collecting agent, foaming agent, flocculant, coagulation set, mixture, resin agent, Na2SO3, collect
, Foaming agent) 1.4312 (Na2SiO3, DTPA, Na2SO3, resin agent, Na2SiO3, Na-soap, CaCl2, flocculant, coagulation set) Rotor: 1.4571 (H2O2, NaOH, H2SO4, dithionite, 1.4312 (Na2SiO3, DTPA, Na2SO3, resin agent, Na2SiO3, Na-soap, CaCl2, flocculant, coagulation set) Rubber parts: EH (H2O2) Ethylene propylene rubber (NaOH, Na2SiO3, DTPA , H2SO4, Na2SO3, mixture, resin agent, Na2SiO3, Na-soap, CaCl2, collecting agent, foaming agent, flocculant, coagulation set) Fluorine rubber (sodium dithionite) Discharge pump: H2O2, Na2SiO3, PP, NaOH, DTPA, 316 (H2SO4, resin) Valve seat: Teflon (H2O2, H2SO4, resin agent) Membrane: Teflon (H2O2, H2SO4, resin) NBR (Na2SiO3,) S membrane (NaOH, DTPA) Metering pump: Pump head: PVC (DTPA, Diaphragm: Teflon (DTPA, collecting agent, foaming agent, resin
) Gear pump: Discharge pump: Liquid immersion chamber: Aluminum alloy (H2O2) Polypropylene (NaOH, Na2SiO3, DTPA, resin agent) Stainless steel (H2SO4) Seat: Stainless steel (H2O2, H2SO4) Silicone rubber (NaOH, DTPA) Diaphragm: Teflon (H2O2, Na2SiO3, H2SO4, resin) Silicone rubber (NaOH, DTPA) Metering pump: Pump head: PVC (H2O2, Na2SiO3, DTPA, H2SO4, sodium hydrosulfite Sealant, coagulant, resin agent) 316 (NaOH,) Diaphragm: PTFE (H2O2, NaOH, Na2SiO3, DTPA, H2SO4, sodium hydrosulfite, collecting agent, ) Sealed single seal (Burgmann, Germany) Double seal (Shanghai Burgmann) Mechanical, pneumatic double diaphragm pump Not required, gear pump Single seal (Germany Burgmann) Not required Scope of delivery Pump, including PTC thermal protector , Excluding accessories such as dry running protectors and overpressure protectors, excluding accessories pumps such as dry running protectors and overpressure protectors, excluding accessories such as safety valves, dampers and backpressure pumps, excluding safety valves , Damper,
Back pressure and other accessories features low linear speed, long line seal, increased life expectancy, to ensure that the pressure and flow stability.
Chromium layer depth base metal, hardness 1250 Vickers.
Stator by series and size molded special non-prior to making sub-system according to the length of the user cut, adjustable, running life extension.
Flexible connecting rod is a patented product.
Pump selection for the SY pump, with a special bearing frame design.
Warren force pneumatic dual diaphragm pump: patented design of external maintenance-style valve system.
Milton: With double diaphragm technology and "sandwich" type three diaphragm technology, diaphragm damage can be detected quickly and give the alarm signal to avoid possible leakage of materials.
Hydraulic diaphragm meter according to the length of the user cut, a molding, curing, both ends of the fan side, good sealing.
Pump type BN pump design, compact design, reducer motor mounted directly on the pump, without coupling, bearing seat and the center gasket.
Na2SiO3 stator material surface hot-dipped, the hardness of life increased by three times.
Pressure pump built-in pressure relief valve.
Graco: Air Valve has a unique patent.
Performance Ningbo, China, Taishan Paper, Dongguan Liwen, Rongcheng Paper, Dongguan Nine Dragons, Guangzhou Paper, Jiangyin Paper Mill, Galaxy Paper, Chenming Paper, Gold East Paper, Qiqihar Paper, Nanning Phoenix Paper , Huatai Paper, Jinhua Shing Paper, Hangzhou Xinhua Paper, Vinda Paper, Sun Paper, Rizhao Senbo Paper, Jinhongye Paper, Rongcheng Paper, Minfeng Paper, Yueyang Paper, Shanghai Medium Longmian Paper, Hongta Renheng, Gold East Paper, South Paper, Ningbo Zhonghua, Vinda Paper, Sun Paper, Wuhan Chenming, Yueyang Paper Pass Fida mechanical diaphragm metering pumps: Wuhan Chenming, Shandong Chenming, Kim Tae Paper, Longyan Paper, Nanping Paper, Nine Dragons Paper, Dongguan Yinzhou Paper Valentino Pneumatic Double diaphragm pump: Chenming, Shandong Chenming Milton pump: Yueyang Paper, Yibin Paper, Huatai Paper, Nanping Paper, Qingzhou Paper, Baoding banknote paper mill Name Gear Pump Diaphragm Pump Screw Pump Type Volume Pump Volume Pump Volume Pump Working Principle Engaging gears to form a chamber
, With the rotor rotation, continuous discharge medium.
Discharge flow is a fixed value.
Reciprocating by crank link, feed the media.
Each stroke pump head discharge flow rate is set.
The stator and the rotor are formed to mesh with each other to form a plurality of sealed cavities. When the rotor rotates, the sealed cavity is pushed and the medium is continuously discharged.
Discharge flow is a fixed value.
Flow rate and speed is proportional to 0 ~ 13m3 /, flow and speed is proportional to 0 ~ 500m3 /, flow and speed is proportional to the concentration of the transmission medium affected.
The higher the viscosity the better, solid content can not be too large.
Suitable for low viscosity and solid content of liquid medium.
Not affected by concentration.
Can transport a variety of concentrations, viscosity and wear changes in the media.
Filler or mechanical seal Not required, packing or mechanical seal Slightly greater than mechanical Diaphragm pump Mechanical General, small Pneumatic Leakage Leakage rate No leakage Leakage rate Small Accuracy
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